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Erika, Edmonton

We rented a town home from Jeff, the town home was perfect for us, Jeff was always there when we needed something. Took very good care of the property and always there to answer any questions we had. We were super thankfully to have been able to have Jeff as our landlord for the past 2+ years! Very welcoming, great community, and great atmosphere.

F.O, Edmonton

From the time I moved into Oxford Campus back in June of 2016, I knew it was a good choice. Being that I had rented from Jeff (Gunther) a few years back and had great relation with him. I decided to contact him, and asked if he had any leads on an available rental property, Oxford Campus he said. So I decided to check out a showing.

Even before I moved in, I knew. I was put in a position of needing to get out of my, at that time accommodations and was advised I could use one of the storage lockers to store some of my belongings in until the contractors were done, and my suite was ready.

In the time since I moved in, a new building manager had moved in, Leanne. She is by far the best candidate for the position. Any issue, or concern that I have ever had here (none of which have been bad) she handles in an expedited manor. Quick to reach a resolve or a solution. Always greets anyone whom she comes across in the parking lot, and never hesitates to ask how your day is going, and has no problem carrying on a conversation with you.
To be completely honest, if it wasn’t for Leanne, I would not have signed another year lease on my suite. She is one of the many reasons why I am comfortable to call this place home.
Aside from her, some of the other reasons that I can comfortably call this place home, is the proximity to the Henday, nearby amenities (wal-mart, Sobeys), and family oriented neighborhood.

Would I refer other to Oxford Campus…..2 words…..

A.S, Edmonton

“It has been such an amazing experience living here. It is a great neighbourhood, near all amenities and very well taken care of (tenants, as well as the property). Most importantly, I have never had such a wonderful, thorough and thoughtful property manager. I could not imagine this place without her! Thank you Oxford Campus, for standing true to your values.”

Jose Rodriguez, Edmonton

“It is never easy to come to a different country and have to start from zero. We are so greatful to have met Jeff in this road called ‘life’. In all the time we rented from him, he always made us feel at ‘home’. What an amazing person! Thank you very much for such a great experience!!”

Marcia Rojas , Edmonton

“I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Gunther for the pleasant stay I’ve had in the house I rented from him.

It has been a great two years, and it is so sad to have to leave. He has been the best landlord from the way he fondly treated my family and I. He always made sure to respond promptly to assist us and provided the best services. We were very comfortable, and we can’t thank him enough.

Thank you very much, and I hope to keep in touch.

Mandi, Edmonton

“I do not have enough words to explain how wonderful Jeff was while I was renting a home from him. Jeff is not your typical landlord, he was quick to fix any issues, he allows you to make the property your own and actually builds a relationship with his tenants. Thank you Jeff for everything over the last 2 years!”

A.H , Edmonton

“Jeff Gunther is by far the best landlord that anyone could possibly rent from! He is not only a genuinely fantastic individual, but he is very attentive, prompt and considerate if there happens to be any issues while renting one of his properties. If anything is wrong, he will do everything he can immediately to have it resolved and rectified properly. Cant thank you enough Jeff for being the best landlord one could be!”

Felisha, Edmonton

“Best landlord ever. Jeff is amazing we rented with him for a little over 2 years. Anytime we had an issue he made sure that it was taking care of immediately. If your looking for a nice, clean and affordable home to rent Jeff is your guy!

Claude Levi, Edmonton

“We rented a townhouse from Jeff for the past 2 years. by far the best landlord we’ve had. Any issue that came up was taken care of immediately. Thank you Jeff.”

Mark, St. Albert

“I found Jeff to be an excellent landlord, any problems we had were fixed right away, best landlord we ever had. I would not hesitate to rent from him again. Thanks Jeff”

Kris, Edmonton

“Not surprised one bit to see all the great testimonials on this site! My son and I rented a property from Jeff for over 3 years. We would have stayed forever, had I not received a relocation with my Company. From start to finish Jeff and his team go above and beyond. They truly believe in helping you create a HOME, not just provide you with a Rental! There is no need to look anywhere else when you are looking for a new place to call Home; don’t wait, give Jeff a call! Many thanks again Jeff!”

Ally C, Edmonton

“Jeff is amazing amazing amazing! I’ve never felt at “home” until I rented with Jeff. He’s caring, understanding and works CLOSELY with his tenants. I would 110% recommend Jeff as anyone’s landlord, and I hope in the future, I can rent from him again. Thanks Jeff – for everything! And being the most amazing landlord for my kids and I for the last 2 years!”

Cody, Edmonton

“My experience with Jeff as landlord were more than I could ask for. Any little problem I had he made sure was taken care of right a way. I’ve dealt with many careless landlords before and Jeff is a league of his own. Thanks again Jeff”

C. B., Edmonton

“Oxford Campus is a beautiful place to live. The apartment is comfortable and spacious. The parking lot and hallways are well-lit and the atmosphere is welcoming, safe, and quiet. The buildings are well-managed. Respectful, personable staff members care for the tenants, grounds, and property. Thank you for the wonderful experience and the gift basket!”

Dawn, Edmonton

“Living at Westpark Ridge was fantastic. I absolutely loved living there. A very well maintained, safe building in a great area with parks, shopping, and located on a major bus route. It became a real home for the three years I lived there. I highly recommend living there!”

Jodi, Edmonton

“We had Jeff for a landlord for about 5 years. He is the best landlord I’ve ever had. Always quick to address any concerns we had and let us make our place a home. I would recommend renting from Jeff to anybody who is looking. You won’t be disappointed!”

Graham, Edmonton

“Concurring with everyone else, I can safely say that Jeff is a great landlord to rent from. Always quick to help and understanding from the tenants point of view. I am sorry that circumstances dictated having to move out of what was definitely a home, not just a place of residence!

Thanks for all your help Jeff…”

J.R. Patrick, Edmonton

“Jeff Gunther was a great Landlord best one i’ve had. Very understanding, made my family and I feel very welcome into our first home as a family. I recommend Secrethomes.ca to anyone out there looking for a place to rent, that is of great quality and service.”

Michelle, Edmonton

“Oxford Campus is a fantastic place to live. Jeff means it when he says they treat their tenants like owners. I have never lived somewhere like this before, where you are encouraged to really make your apartment your home. A lot of care has gone into these apartments and there is a real sense of community here.”

Amanda, Edmonton

“I rented from Jeff from April 2011 to August 2013, and had nothing but great experiences living there. Jeff was very welcoming and ensured we felt right at home from the beginning. If we ever needed something to be fixed (which was rare), it was taken care of the very next day. Jeff was very trusting, and trustworthy, and in my time renting from him I couldn’t have asked for a better landlord.”

Casey, Edmonton

“Jeff was by far the best landlord I have ever had! My roommate and I rented from him for around 2 years. We never had any issues with out rental property, and if we did Jeff also responded promptly and always had a handyman available for us if need be. I’m sure we would have stayed a life time had I not decided to purchase my own home. I would recommend anyone I know to rent one of his properties.”

Melissa, Edmonton

“My fiance and I stayed in one of Jeff Gunthers properties for just over 1 year. He was always an email away and has a great handyman to take care of any small things that come up. I would highly recommend him as a landlord any day. Very professional!! We would be staying here longer but have decided to purchase a property. Thanks for the lovely home Jeff :-)”

Cheyanna Valentine, Jesse Purdon, Davin Sutherland, Edmonton

“Jeff Gunther is by far the best landlord we’ve ever had. Easy to talk to and made the renting process quick & easy! Great guy all around.”

Katherine, Edmonton

“I have rented more than 20 places in my life and I will tell you that Jeff Gunther is the best landlord. If you need anything fixed it gets done within days and sometimes hours.”

Rai-Ann, Edmonton

“Jeff Gunther was by far the best landlord I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He made moving from one province to another and not being able to view the place or meet the landlord in person a smooth transition, he was very understanding and dealt with any problems quickly.”

Marty Gunderson, Manager, Operations, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers EMD

“Jeff is one of the most strategic guys I know. He is totally committed to long term wins for all people involved. It’s apparent why people trust Jeff; he is a consummate professional.”

Jerry Everett, President and Founder, onconference Inc.

“Jeff has been a long-time friend whom I have worked with on several church and not-for-profit events. I consider him a mentor in both business and personal matters. His breadth of experience in real estate, the service industry, and investing means his advice is always grounded in real-life situations.”

Dave Phillips, Owner, Phillips Management Inc.

“It’s just nice to know you can fully trust someone to know that he will always have my best interests ahead of his. His intelligent wisdom and strategic insight create a perfect partnership with full integrity.”

Eric Fontaine, Technology Strategist

“Jeff has the ability to assess situations and quickly prioritize what the next step towards success is. His ability to focus on meaningful matters instead of urgent ones is a breath of fresh air in our increasingly busy world. His insights and guidance often made us reconsider our options with a new perspective.”

Simon Penney, MD, Promise Consulting Inc.

“Jeff has a gift, a gift for business, its development, implementation, management and growth. His ability and willingness to share this gift is a fantastic contrast to much that happens today in the world. I have no doubt that Jeff would not only help your business, but also help you to grow, develop and be inspired.”

Mike Mack, President/Owner, X5 Management Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Jeff through business in 2009, and hold him in very high regard. He has tremendous business acumen and strategic savvy. We have also established a great friendship and I truly value the wisdom and insight, that Jeff offers me from time to time. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a man with a tremendous amount of integrity and business experience.”

Greg Gerrie, Distributor, #1 WORLD

“Jeff has been given the gift of brilliance in business. Quite simply, he sees what others do not. He will not only show you what you don’t see but also what you don’t know that you could see. He goes deep! Along with this acumen is rock solid integrity and a heart full of caring. If you get to be with Jeff, you will feel better about yourself both in your personal and professional life.”

Kelly Bruneau, Product Engineer, Bookham/Nortel

“I worked with Jeff as a member of the Young Adults ministry team. Jeff was a passionate leader and an engaging speaker, to a group that saw incredible growth during his time as director. He is capable, confident, honest, and always willing to try new ways of doing things.”

Steve Outhouse, Teaching and Ministry Coordinator, Greenbelt Baptist Church

“Jeff is truly a visionary who sees what could and should be, and does not allow himself or his organizations to be limited by current realities. Working on the Leadership Team with Jeff at The Met’s Young Adults, I saw Jeff take a ministry in transition and not only shore up a solid foundation, but help the ministry thrive. Encouraged by his leadership, members of our group began to serve in significant roles with the church, and walk out their faith in their daily lives at university or in their career. As the ministry grew in number, Jeff modified structures and embraced change, but all the while ensuring there was clear focus, direction and leadership. Jeff continued to coach me in my next role as Ministry Coordinator for City-Wide Worship & Prayer. True to form, Jeff helped me see and seize opportunities that I may have missed, which helped our organization be more effective, and make significant investments in the development of our volunteers. If your organization can be fortunate enough to have Jeff Gunther work alongside you to realize its potential, I would strongly encourage you to draw upon his strengths and gifts to help you advance.”

Gord Gerrie, Divisional Vice President, Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd

“When Jeff came to work with us, he had already been a significant achiever in real estate sales. Jeff from day one was a natural for his new position as a National Trainer. Coupled with a great work ethic and high morals, we were proud to have him representing the company with both sales persons and franchisees. And the best thing, he got results!”

Richard Thompson, Director of Development, Regent College

“I first met Jeff Gunther while he was studying at Regent College, but the majority of our friendship and interactions have been subsequent to his graduation. The thing that I appreciate most about Jeff is his integrity – the way he conducts his personal life, his approach to business and finance, and the manner in which he relates to people. And the thing that I admire most about Jeff is his courage and entrepreneurial spirit. It is a blessing to be Jeff’s friend and a privilege to endorse him.”

Carson Pue, President/CEO, Arrow Leadership

“Although Jeff is a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program he was a leader long before then! I have watched maintain a learning posture throughout the years – as a business owner, to a graduate student, to a capable volunteer. The wonderful thing about Jeff is that he does not keep his knowledge to himself – he shares it willingly so others can succeed.”

Oscar Pinto, Business Development, Newbridge Networks

“I have worked with Jeff on a number of projects, including one that involved travel to Malaysia and Singapore. Jeff is professional, ethical and can always be counted upon to deliver on-time and to add a touch of flair to the project. Jeff possesses a creative blend of logical, mathematical skills combined with the softer people management and marketing skills.”

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