A Fresh Set of Keys

Written by Jeff Gunther

On December 2, 2018

Locksmiths have great stories, and my first locksmith, Paul, was no exception!

A teenager was travelling in Europe for nearly a year. His return trip took him through Edmonton where his grandmother owned a home. Always welcome at Grandma’s house, he decided to pay a surprise visit and stay with her for a few days. Grandma wasn’t home, so he used his key to let himself in and made himself comfortable watching her snazzy new big-screen TV.


The problem was, Grandma had sold that house about 3 months earlier and moved to an apartment. Imagine everyone’s surprise when, later that evening, the new owners returned home to find a stranger in their living room!

“What are you doing in our house!?”

“Who? Me! What are you doing in my Grandma’s house!”


Our tenants always get new locks and a fresh set of keys. We think it’s just better and more secure for them to know that they will be the only ones watching their big-screen TV. No surprises!

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