Joy in Sharing Secrets!

Written by Jeff Gunther

On November 11, 2018

Did you know that most good landlords or investors – myself included – suffer from the anxiety of thinking they’ll never find a suitable occupant for their latest project?

I can’t possibly express to you the joy that comes from seeing a person, couple, or family completely fall in love with a home you are offering them. And I never seem to get over it – this happens to me every single time!

Joy is not the same as happiness. The best explanation of joy I’ve ever heard is ‘Max at the Top of the Stairs’ from Your God is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan (Chapter 22). Mark seems to describe joy as: exhilaration resulting from averted disaster….

And I’ll let you in on another little secret: I know that good tenants or buyers are just as thrilled to finally end a frustrating search by finding the perfect place to call home.

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