Ten Reasons Why Owning is Better than Renting!

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For many people, renting really is the best option. But if you’re like most, the day eventually comes when you’d just like to have a place you can call your own.

Here are ten good reasons why owning may be better than renting:

  1. There will be nobody living above you, or below you, or beside you!
  2. You can have front door parking, or a garage, if you wish!
  3. You can finally have pets without asking for permission!
  4. You can have a yard that belongs only to you!
  5. You can control the look of your home and decorate for the holidays!
  6. You can modify and decorate the interior to suit your needs and your style!
  7. You will never have too collect coins for a Laundromat again!
  8. You create a forced savings plan for later in life by building equity in your home!
  9. No one can tell you to move because they decided to sell your house!
  10. It just feels good!

If you’d like to own, but think you may not qualify, think again! We offer easy terms, no bank qualifying, owner financing, and rent-to-own options.

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