Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?
Your first step is to complete the Tenant/Buyer Information Form as completely and accurately as possible. The information you provide enables us to quickly assess your suitability as a candidate for Rent-to-Own real estate. If we think we can help, we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

Are my secrets safe with you?
The only person who will ever see your application is me, or my personal assistant. If you meet with a mortgage broker or credit repair specialist, you will provide your personal information directly to them. All Canadians are protected by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). For more information, please visit

Will you require a deposit?
Yes. If you choose to proceed, we’ll ask for a deposit as a show of good faith. This amount is ultimately credited toward your down-payment at the end of the rental term, when you become the owner of your home. Time and expense involved in interviewing, qualifying, and connecting applicants to members of our team is valuable; we serve people best by working only with the most committed tenant/buyers. All deposits are returned to you if, for any reason, we are unable to fulfill our side of the agreement.

How much deposit is required?
The size of your deposit is dependent upon your personal situation. Larger deposits generally provide greater flexibility when determining your monthly payment. The entire deposit is credited toward your purchase price at the end of the rental term.

Who pays for the Home Inspection?
The cost of a professional home inspection and your participation in the process is your responsibility. As the home will be yours, you need to know about any actions necessary, both immediately and in the future, to ensure that it remains in a good state of repair.

Who is responsible for maintenance?
You are responsible for all maintenance and repairs to the property, including any initial issues that may be discovered during the home inspection.

Who pays utilities?
Just as in a normal rental situation, you are responsible for your own utilities, including heat, water, gas, hydro, and any other utility payments that may apply.

Who pays insurance?
We are responsible for property insurance during the rental term, after which you must take out your own property insurance. During the rental term, you must maintain renters/contents insurance, and provide proof of policy.

Who pays property taxes?
During the rental term, we pay the property taxes. After you exercise your option to purchase, you will be responsible for property taxes.

What if I still can’t qualify at the end of my rental term?
If you follow your plan, you should have no problem qualifying at the end of your rental term. If you are unable to qualify due to reasons beyond your control, we would review your situation on an individual basis. As long as you are making a sincere effort toward repairing credit and saving for your down-payment, we may be able to help by exploring other options or extending your rental term. If you simply change your mind, you forfeit any deposits or credits earned throughout your rental period.

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