Own, Amplify, and Own

Lately, when people ask what I do, I tend to tell them that I own, amplify, and own real estate.

Let me explain…

I don’t like to say that I buy real estate – because that just sounds too much like a job. Yes, we buy land or buildings regularly, but my much bigger and more important role is the care and ownership of assets we already have.

But we don’t just own – we amplify.  To amplify is to ‘increase the strength’. There are many ways to increase the strength of a real estate investment, and I love to explore and maximize them all.

Finally, we don’t go to all the work of acquiring assets and amplifying them only to turn around and sell them to someone else. When an investment is sold, it is no longer an investment. So we prefer to own real estate.

There are two key factors in wealth-building: income and equity. Sadly, some people earning handsome incomes never attain financial freedom. Income is important, but long-term wealth is built through equity – the ownership of strong assets.