The First Few Days

Written by Jeff Gunther

On October 14, 2018

I love working with new tenants! I love the way they get excited about transforming a house into a home. It’s the thrill of a fresh start and the anticipation of getting everything just right. Like any good landlord, I want their experience to be even better than they had hoped.


That’s why the first few days are so important – the first meal cooked, the first night in a new bedroom, the first shower – all these events are critical contributors to the long-term happiness of new tenants.

My advice, to tenants and landlords alike, is to set realistic expectations and be prepared for the inevitable interruptions in those first few days.

Few relationships in life are as intimate as the one we have with a place we call home. Even with the most meticulous maintenance, fine details can easily be missed in preparing a property for a new tenant. Tenants should be able to communicate any concerns with complete confidence that landlords will respond quickly and appropriately…

…and that, my friends, is the simple secret to getting through the first few days!

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