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Jeff Gunther

Hello and thank you for visiting us! We understand that every decision about buying, selling, or renting a house is important. If you’re not quite sure what to do next, we can probably help. We’ll share some simple real estate secrets. If you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you.

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Clean | Safe | Affordable

We provide clean, safe, affordable homes, so our rental inventory doesn’t last long! If you don’t see any current listings, check back often! We often have exciting new projects on the go, and visitors to SecretHomes are usually first to know!

We believe in renting only homes we’d be happy to live in ourselves. That’s why we continually upgrade our inventory. To us, it just makes sense to solve problems before they happen – and when a concern arises, we fix it FAST. That way you can look forward to years of trouble-free living.

We look for well-qualified tenants who care for a property as if it were their own and reliably pay rent on time. Most of our homes are rented to the first party to look. You will notice a difference – both in the property, and in the landlord.

"Jeff has been the most amazing landlord. His property that I rented for just under 2 years shows how much he cares about his Tenants. The day I moved in the property was so clean and inviting ready to make it our home. When I had an issue it took one text and Jim the handyman was at my door. It has been an absolute pleasure renting from you Jeff thank you for sharing your amazing property with my family. I will miss you and your home very much. I know that the next family will love your home as much as we have as you take such good care of your properties and your renters. Again thank you for being an amazing Landlord. God Bless From our Family"

Marlise, Mia, Natalya, Rocco,


"We rented a town home from Jeff, the town home was perfect for us, Jeff was always there when we needed something. Took very good care of the property and always there to answer any questions we had. We were super thankfully to have been able to have Jeff as our landlord for the past 2+ years! Very welcoming, great community, and great atmosphere."



“It has been such an amazing experience living here. It is a great neighbourhood, near all amenities and very well taken care of (tenants, as well as the property). Most importantly, I have never had such a wonderful, thorough and thoughtful property manager. I could not imagine this place without her! Thank you Oxford Campus, for standing true to your values.”



“I do not have enough words to explain how wonderful Jeff was while I was renting a home from him. Jeff is not your typical landlord, he was quick to fix any issues, he allows you to make the property your own and actually builds a relationship with his tenants. Thank you Jeff for everything over the last 2 years!”



“It is never easy to come to a different country and have to start from zero. We are so greatful to have met Jeff in this road called ‘life’. In all the time we rented from him, he always made us feel at ‘home’. What an amazing person! Thank you very much for such a great experience!!”

Jose Rodriguez,


“Jeff Gunther is by far the best landlord that anyone could possibly rent from! He is not only a genuinely fantastic individual, but he is very attentive, prompt and considerate if there happens to be any issues while renting one of his properties. If anything is wrong, he will do everything he can immediately to have it resolved and rectified properly. Cant thank you enough Jeff for being the best landlord one could be!”



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