Are You Ready for a Coach?

Written by Jeff Gunther

On February 15, 2021

Most top-performers benefit by engaging a coach. To be successful, in any field, we must go well beyond acquired knowledge. A good coach can help translate information into implementation, but the student must be ready!

“That basketball coach screaming from the sidelines? There’s no way the player can hear what he’s saying. That’s okay. The shift is happening inside. …

It’s entirely possible to coach yourself. To develop internal habits and standards that help you ratchet forward, drip by drip. But when you find yourself alone in a “co” working space, or isolated from good leadership, or wondering about what’s next, it might just be a signal that you’re missing the 10% from the core, the seed that you can build on and then internalize.

Sooner or later, all motivation is self motivation. And the challenge and opportunity is in finding the external forces that will soon become internal ones.”

source: 90% of coaching is self-coaching, Seth’s Blog

“Perhaps the biggest challenge I faced was getting over my own ego. It finally dawned on me that my clients don’t get better because of me. They get better because of themselves and the people around them. If their drive to improve doesn’t come from their heart, it won’t happen. …

Almost all executive education is based on the myth: If they understand, they will do. Somehow we pretend that if you post the right word, say the right phrase, or talk about the right technique, people will do the right things. … The challenge in leadership development is not making sure that leaders understand the practice of leadership — it is making sure that leaders practice their understanding.”

source: Executive Coaching, Marshall Goldsmith

If you believe you’re ready for a Real Estate Investment Coach, please reach out to me today.

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